Friday, January 20, 2012

5 Ways to Whack Those Weeds

5 Ways to Whack Those Weeds 

1.                   Apply a Pre-emergent Herbicide : A quality pre-emergent applied prior to ground cover will help nip those weeds in the bud.  Be sure to read directions carefully.
2.                  Layout Weed Fabric : A good barrier against weed seeds already existing in the soil.  Simply cut holes for your new plants.
3.                  Remove Weeds in Just Purchased Plants : Weeds love to grow in the pots of growing nursery plants, and often lay in wait for their new home.
4.                  Install Quality Mulch : A good 2"-3" layer of quality mulch will help to keep weed seeds from germinating.  Not to mention help control both soil temperature and moisture.
5.                  Don't Till too Often : Stirring up the soil can expose dormant seeds to sunlight, and soon they'll be singing in the rain!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

3 Keys to Quality Playground Mulch

  1. Proper Depth 
    •  Having 8-12 inches of mulch depth will ensure a "bounce affect" when children fall on the surface.  This details is one of the specs in the ASTM certification. (American Society for Testing Materials)
  2. Chipped vs. Shredded
    • A quality playground mulch will have a chipped consistency rather than shredded.  This cuts down on splinters, and doesn't stick to socks nearly as much.
  3. Non-dyed Material
    • Most mulch dyes are not very mouth and hair friendly.  They might look pretty, but to a discerning 3 year old pallet, not so much.